Every transformation is bound to increase memories. I chose to fix on film the world I observed.
“In-between Time” (2018-2022) is a project that stems from the realization that we are at the beginning of a path that will change the environment, energy, society, work and much more. A path that, for the first time, we have not decided on our own but is imposed on us by nature, of which we have collectively forgotten that we are part.
We can, through a journey back in time, observe the marks we have left on the land and recognize its individual evolutionary stages. Economic and social progress has fused and layered architectural elements and landscape fabric with increasing frequency, both marked by radical changes in society. “Intermediate time” is that period enclosed between successive transformations.
In this work, the presence of man is an exception. I thought of making him the protagonist through his absence. Where is he? What is he doing? What will he erase and what will he build again? What other signs will he affect the territory? These are the questions I tried to ask myself.
You can’t set out with a camera and expect to tell the story of a territory. You have to choose destinations, plan trips remotely and maybe repeat them at different times of the year or at different times of the day. I planned, therefore, every single trip while allowing myself time to develop the antithetical creative approach I had originally chosen for this narrative: “reflective wandering.” I traveled most of the roads in our country, moved by that curiosity that often prompted me to deviate from the established path, convinced that behind each fork in the road I could find a new interesting “trace left by man.”
This work is largely the result of the freedom I was able to take from the design schemes studied at the desk.